Avocado Baby

Publicising the news of our pregnancy has lifted off the tight(ish) lid of secrecy I've been brewing under for the last few months, and now enables me to talk about it more openly! I've been excited to share this news and have discussions with other parents and parents-to-be. This girl of the universe is growing a little [...]

Why I Left Teaching

There is a palpable desperation and tension amongst schools these days, and it is largely due to the hordes of teachers leaving the profession. A union source quoted that the number of people wanting to become teachers has also decreased as fewer people have enrolled on teacher training courses, with some providers struggling to fill as much [...]

2016’s Top 5 Television Series

Here I am, wrapped in a blanket in front of the television, enjoying my morning chillout with a cup of coffee... (Ah, bliss!) when I decide to compile a list of my top five series this year. If you haven't checked out these shows, I highly recommend a watch! In our household, we usually have dinner [...]

Knit Season!

As I've been incredibly busy these past few weeks (I'm in the middle of a career transition, will write about that as soon as the dust settles!) this is a quick touching of base from me. As some of you know, I'm a huge fan of knitting and crocheting - it helped me a ton [...]

Danger Phrases 1 – Proactive and Reactive

I've started this series of posts to help anyone who is - or knows somebody who is - suffering with mental health. 'Danger phrases' refer to seemingly harmless things one says, while from less reactive individuals there would be no particular thought, can trigger a negative cycle in mental health sufferers. Negative cycles are often very difficult and time-costly to emerge from. [...]

What is ‘hygge’? Part 1

I have been hoarding this one for a while because I'm afraid a discussion will cause it to fly away from me indefinitely - losing all sacredness! When I saw that it had made Guardian Life & Style though, I knew it was time to be brave. I'm referring to the Danish word you see in the title. High-guh? Higgy? Hie-je? [...]